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Spiritual Duniya is a community of Spiritual Seekers . The community comprises of qualified researchers , Psychologists , meditation instructors , philosophers, and life coaches who extracts practices from the discourses and literature of enlightened beings to understand their application and to share through various online , offline courses ,workshops and tours.

Our Course Specifications

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Reduces your blood pressure

Patients with hypertension who “count their blessings” at least once a week experienced a significant decrease in blood pressure, resulting in better overall health.

Makes you happier

Simply journaling for five minutes a day about what we are grateful for can enhance our long-term happiness significantly. (those who pay attention to what is good in their life instead of what is bad are more likely to feel positive about their life.)

Improves your friendships

Expressing gratitude to our friends can improve our friendships. Those who communicate their gratitude to their friends are more likely to work through problems and concerns with their friends and have a more positive perception of their friends.

Makes you more optimistic

Showing our gratitude not only helps others feel more positive, it also alters our thought process positively. The more we think about what we are grateful for, the more we find to be grateful for.

Reduces impatience and improves decision-making

Those who are more grateful than others are also less likely to be impatient during economic decision-making, leading to better decisions and less pressure from the desire for short-term gratification

To experience positive emotions

Feeling grateful every day keeps the feeling of envy away. Research has shown that gratitude reduces envy, facilitates positive emotions, and makes us more resilient.

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It is a long established fact that a reader will be of a page when established fact looking at its layout.

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